Looking for a unique and thoughtful alternative to the usual go-to of roses and chocolates? Check out these Irish gifts full of meaning and romance for Valentine’s Day.

1. I Still Get the Butterflies

“I have enough jewelry” – said no woman ever. Buying her jewelry for Valentine’s is a no brainer but choosing the right piece can be a little trickier. The “I Still Get the Butterflies” collection by Mairead de Blaca Jewelry is contemporary yet girly. We love the sentiment behind this piece – whether you’ve been dating for two months or been married for two decades, what woman wouldn’t like to hear that she still gives you the butterflies?!

I Still Get Butterflies Pendant by deBláca Jewellery at The Irish Workshop

2. A Rose by any Other Name

Roses are red… but they also die after a week. If your lady loves Roses then a piece from jewelry designer’s Wild Roses collection might be the very thing. Longer-lasting than a bunch of roses – just like your love! Check out the little love heart in the center of the design… ❤️️

Wild Rose Pendant by Tracy Gilbert Designs

3. Heart of Gold

If you appreciate her kindness and generosity then there is no better way to tell her than this “Heart of Gold” necklace.

Heart of Gold Pendent

4. I Knew I’d Find You

It is a wonder how we manage to find that someone special given all the possibilities out there. This quirky print by Fab Cow Design comes framed.

I Knew I'd Find You by Fab Cow Designs

5. Two Hearts Beat as One

Swans famously mate for life which is one of the reasons we love this photo so much. This intimate moment between the two swans as they form a heart-shape was captured by award-winning photographer Giles Norman. The limited edition prints of Giles’ photographs come framed.

Two Hearts Beat as One Swans by Giles Norman

6. Wrap her up in Love

Aine Knitwear accessories are a favorite on The Irish Workshop, and we’ve chosen two pieces here in the color of love.

Red Rose Collar by Aine Knitwear

Classic Lambswool Scarf in Red by Aine Knitwear

We hope you have a very happy Valentine’s day (and earn some brownie points on the 14th too!).

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