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What We Look For

Every item on The Irish Workshop is made by people who are makers, designers and artists first; sellers second. We seek out partners who take pride in Irish craft and in their work – we care as much about the process of your creation, as the end result. We seek out partners who want customers to feel proud owning their products. We seek out partners who are ambitious for their creative businesses and want to grow.

All products must be made in Ireland, be of high quality and carry a strong “Irish Narrative”. The product range covers homeware, jewellery, art and everything in between. We are always open to new product ideas and, by working with our partners, continually experiment with our product mix.

Why Partner With Us?

We find customers for you, so that you can make, design and create instead of figuring out where your next sale will come from.

1. Focus – We know how to find customers. 

Our focus on the best of Irish design, art and craft means that we can be targeted in who we advertise to. We know how to reach the 70 million strong Irish diaspora and countless Ireland-lovers across the globe, and bring them to you.

2. Spot-light – We want to tell your story. 

On The Irish Workshop, it is the makers, designers and artists that take centre-stage. We believe in telling the stories behind our partners, and allowing our customers to get to know you. This means that all your products will feature your story.

3. Growth – We are committed to helping you grow your business. 

Our business is predicated on our belief that your business can grow. If you don’t grow, we don’t grow.

4. Exclusivity – We carefully curate. 

We handpick every one of our partners so you’ll be in good company – we explore every nook and cranny of Ireland to seek out the best makers, designers and artists in the land.

5. Fairness – We hold the value of fairness as the central tenet to how we do business. And so: 

  • No Fee to Join: We do not believe you should pay until you see results.
  • No Fee to List: Creating a listing page is free. You’ll only pay a 20% commission once you’ve made a sale.
  • You’re in Control: You set the price of your items. You set your availability and so you can pause selling if you are going on holidays or are feeling overwhelmed by the orders that need to be fulfilled.
  • No contract handcuffs:We believe that the more exposure you have, the better it is for you, so you don’t have to sign an exclusivity agreement to sell with us.

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