Partner FAQ


How does The Irish Workshop curate?

Every partner on The Irish Workshop is hand-picked and selected by our team. We scour every nook and cranny of Ireland to seek out the best makers, designers and artists in the land. You may receive an invitation to partner with The Irish Workshop when you’re not even expecting it, but you can also apply for an invitation by filling out the application form

What kind of products can I sell?

We strive to showcase a diverse range of products – the guiding beacon is that all must be made in Ireland. In particular we want to show the world that Ireland is home to some of the most unique crafts around and can blend the traditional with the contemporary.

Is there a limit to how many products I can list on The Irish Workshop?

Technically no, but we endeavor to showcase a range of products so may restrict product listings if it effects this range. This will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and if you have any concerns about this, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Business Model

What commission does The Irish Workshop charge?

We charge a 20% commission (excluding VAT) for every item you sell. This covers our marketing and operating costs, including all credit card processing fees. This commission is charged on the pre tax, product price only (i.e not on the shipping).

Are there any Subscription fees? Membership fees? Listing fees?

Nope. None. Never. There are no subscription, membership or listing fees to sell on The Irish Workshop. We do not believe you should pay until you see results.

Do I have to sign a contract to sell on The Irish Workshop?

No, you don’t need to sign a contract to sell on The Irish Workshop, though you do need to accept our terms and conditions, which are here.


Can I sell on The Irish Workshop if I am not VAT registered?

If you are a partner based in Ireland, and the total sales of your products is less than €75,000 you are generally not required to register for VAT. However, each partner is responsible for their own VAT situation. You are able to set the tax status of each product you post on the site (and again are responsible for ensuring that status is appropriate)

Can I apply to sell on The Irish Workshop if I live outside of Ireland?

A unique selling point of The Irish Workshop to consumers is that the items for sale are made right here in Ireland.

Getting Set Up

Who does the photography?

The seller is responsible for photography. As you probably know already, photos are so important to achieving sales so the images uploaded must be of a standard acceptable to the Irish Workshop.

Do the photographs need to be taken by a professional photographer?

We strongly encourage you to use a professional photographer. Clear, well lit and stylish photography maximises sales. We will not publish photographs that fall below our acceptable standard.

When do I get paid?

We thought you’d never ask…! Partners receive payment from The Irish Workshop once every fortnight. This payment is transferred directly to your bank account. We will request your account details once only for the purposes of setting you up on our online banking system. Thereafter these details are stored on our online bank account online, not on our site or servers. This payment amount will be net of The Irish Workshop commission (inclusive of VAT on commission where applicable).

If you did not receive a payment or think there is an error, please contact us immediately at We’ll endeavor to get back to you right away.

Do I set my own pricing?

Yes, the seller sets the pricing. However, The Irish Workshop expects that the price be set to a level that is on par with or less than the price the product is advertised elsewhere (including your own website if relevant). The Irish Workshop will monitor prices.

Can I sell in other places?

Absolutely! The Irish Workshop holds fairness as one of its central tenets. We believe that the more exposure you have, the better it is for you, so you don’t have to sign an exclusivity agreement to sell with us.

Is there an option to customize?

Yes there is. If your product can be customised (or commissioned from scratch) then you can mark it as such when uploading it. Customers will be able to send you images, URLs and detailed descriptions with what they want done.

We advise that you outline clearly on the product page the level of customisations that you can do and the price associated with it. In extra ordinary circumstances, if you feel that a customer has underpaid based on the level of the customisations requested you have the option of rejecting the order or reverting requesting revisions.

What if I am too busy? Can I put my shop in holiday mode?

Yes, you can. Holiday Mode means that your products will not be available for customers. You can leave whatever message you want letting your potential customers know when you will be back in action.

There is also a standard inventory management tool which you can use to limit orders and update as you go.

What if I want to stop using The Irish Workshop?

You’re free to do that at any time. You can do this by contacting us at The Irish Workshop is also free to terminate (or suspend access to)  your account subject to a 24hr notice. This will only be done in exceptional circumstances or as a last resort.

How does The Irish Workshop market and advertise partners?

  • We promote your products through weekly emails to our rapidly growing customer base
  • We promote your products via paid marketing on Facebook and Google Adwords
  • We submit your best items for consideration to sites that curate unique & well-designed products
  • We curate the homepage based on seasonal trends to feature relevant products
  • We create quirky collections to get your products exposure
  • We regularly pitch your products and your personal making stories to bloggers and journalists from around the world.
  • We regularly run A/B tests on our site to increase the likelihood of our site visitors becoming your customers
  • We have in-house SEO expertise to maximise relevant traffic to your store page
  • We occasionally run pop-ups and attend fairs

If I upload an original product, do I have to exclusively hold it for The Irish Workshop?

No, you are not locked into a contract with The Irish Workshop and you may have your product visible in other locations. However, as per our Seller Terms and Conditions, if the product is no longer available you should signal this within 24 hours by updating your product page (by marking product as ‘out of stock’ or removing it from the site completely).

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