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Geraldine Leonard is a textile artist influenced by our beautiful wild Irish landscape. Her home, in the spectacular 'Garden of Ireland' in Wicklow inspires Geraldine to combine the beautiful luxurious textiles, soft cashmere's, mohairs and silks which create a striking fusion of colour, made to size, framed and unframed. Each piece is unique, hand crafted, customised, tailored, signed and titled by the artist. Geraldine introduced her new collection at Showcase Ireland 2016.

In June 2015 her work was selected by a panel of Irish and international judges to be exhibited at the prestigious 'RDS Craft Awards' in July 2015. This exhibition’s focus was to celebrate Irish design in all its wonderful variations. It continued as part of the ‘Dublin Horse Show’ 2015, with the particular interest of promoting Irish designers as part of an ongoing exhibition 'ID 2015'. Geraldine is a member of the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland.

Geraldine cites craftsmanship, quality textiles and innovation of vision & perspective as the basis for her artistic endeavours.

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