We are Julie & Owen Mc Loughlin, designers and owners of Jando Design. We also happen to be husband and wife.
Based in our home studio on the banks of the The River Liffey in Dublin, we create wall art, milestone prints, wedding stationery, greeting cards and everything else in between.
The entire design process starts and finishes in our studio. We use locally sourced high quality paper & inks and we print the majority of our work in our studio.
Our work is modern & bold with a strong emphasis placed on vibrant but simplistic colour schemes. We try not to limit ourselves to one particular style. If we stuck to a particular style we would get bored very quickly. We enjoy the challenge of pursuing a project or an idea outside of our comfort zone. It allows us to hone and enhance our design & illustration skills and to also develop an even greater understanding and appreciation for design. We have found that as each idea / project / design evolve’s it will instinctively find it’s own style without us having to force it.
We’ll always try to bring a little piece of ourselves & our influences into each project or piece that we create. We try to instil a sense of fun into each of our pieces. Our work is inspired by the streets of our city, the books we read, the places we travel to, the the movies we watch and music we listen to.
The sense of satisfaction we derive from watching an idea transform from a random thought, to a scribble on a piece of paper to a finished & packaged product is indescribable.
Our prints and stationery have shipped to all corners of the globe and knowing that our work is hanging on a wall in a client’s home or has been used to mark a special moment in someone’s life fills us with a huge sense of pride & satisfaction.
Julie & Owen

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