Turfprojects.ie is an initiative by Irish visual artist Paula Barrett. Paula is a fine art graduate of the N.C.A.D in Dublin and has exhibited work both nationally and internationally. Her practice is concept driven rather than medium specific and has involved collaboration on a number of community projects around Ireland. Turfprojects.ie emerged from a desire to create art that is accessible to as wide an audience as possible, while also promoting and celebrating the unique beauty of the Irish landscape, weather and lighting conditions.

This postcard series catalogues the very particular quality of light and colour experienced in the Irish landscape through a collection of photographs taken by Paula on her travels around Ireland.

It includes a set of 16 postcards featuring The colours in each photo are represented in the form of a paint chart on each card. As Paula says, "it's time to celebrate not just the green, but the grey too, and everything in between" and in doing so, she has created a colour palette for the whole of Ireland!

Let these colour samples inspire your next design project with palettes that harmonise with, and evoke, Irish surroundings.